Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of financing, legal structures, and the advantages and disadvantages of buying rentals with partners.

On this episode, we talk about their decision to operate under an LLC or as individuals to build their portfolio.

We also talk about how they used an FHA 203k loans, a powerful tool to buy and rehab properties with a small down payment.

Dave and his partners have come up with a unique way to make sure they can continue to buy rentals even if one member of the partnership can't afford it at that particular time.

We also talk about what they are doing with the monthly cash flow, and how they are managing their properties.

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A few years ago, Chase was listening to the Rental Income Podcast, trying to figure out how to get started investing in rentals.

After hearing dozens of stories from investors who had been successful in investing in real estate, he felt ready to buy his first property.

Today his rental portfolio generates over $20,000 a month in net cash flow.\

On this episode, Chase shares the types of properties that generate the highest return for him, how he screens his tenants, and why he prefers month-to-month leases over year leases.

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Mike bought a rental property that looked like an incredible deal on paper, but it turned out to be a really bad investment.

Mike ran into problem after problem. The maintenance costs were higher than he projected, tenants were constantly turning over, and he wasn't able to push the rents as high as he had hoped.

On this episode, Mike shares everything that went wrong, and we figure out how you can avoid buying a bad property.

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Morgan shares how he was able to get double the returns by buying properties two hours away.
Once he saw that he didn't need to live close to his properties, he packed up and moved 1,000 miles away.
On this episode, Morgan shares how he was able to build his portfolio with a low credit score, and where he got the money from to build his rental portfolio.
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Mitch shares his unique strategy of buying run-down properties, tearing them down, and replacing them with 8-unit apartment buildings.

We talk about why he likes to tear down properties vs buy vacant land.

Mitch also shares the lot size and age of the property he targets, and how he gets the construction done in just a few months.

We also take a look at his numbers. Mitch shares the typical acquisition cost, construction costs, and typical rent.

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