Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Brendan explains the basics of a 1031 in an easy to understand way.

We talk about the deadlines investors need to be aware of, and several situations that investors may find themselves in.

Brendan explains how to do a 1031 with partners, what happens if you own a property in an LLC, and how you can take some money out during the 1031.

He also shares 2 ways investors can avoid paying capital gains tax.

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Larry talks about a recent property that he purchased for $500. We go over his rehab budget, and what the property rented for.

We also talk about the neighborhood that his properties are in. (hint: it's not a horrible neighborhood).

And how he screens and manages his tenants.

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Husband and wife team Darrell and Ana have been buying rentals for a few years. They have had a lot of good things happen with their rentals, but they have also had some challenges with tenants, major expenses, rehabs, and financing.

On this episode we take an honest look into their portfolio and talk about the good and the bad of owning rentals.

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Chris thought he wanted to own a few properties free and clear. After he did it, he realized that he didn't want a few rentals. He wanted to own a portfolio of rental properties, and he wasn't going to be able to do it without using mortgages.

On this episode, we talk about why he changed his thinking and how using debt has made him a better investor and landlord.

We also talk about some of the challenges he has faced as a landlord, and how he overcame them.

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The biggest expense we have as landlords is when you have a turnover. Usually, something needs to be fixed or replaced. You may have some vacancy between tenants, and you may have to pay a commission to place a tenant.

My guest today has an incredibly profitable portfolio because her tenants don't leave. Her average tenant stays for 8 years.

That didn't happen by accident or because she had good luck. On this episode, we find out what she is doing to keep tenants for so long.

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