Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Jeff shares the details of his plan to fund his retirement with rental income.

We talk about how he's paying off his properties, how much cash flow his properties generate today, and how much they will generate when everything is paid off.

Jeff also shares how he came up with his down payments, how he's financing his properties and we look at the numbers for his entire portfolio.

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Scott started buying rentals while working his W-2 job. His company had some management changes and he ended up getting laid off. At first he was stressed out, but then he realized he was going to be okay because of his rental income.

On this episode we talk about how Scott has found a lot of success buying lower cost affordable housing rentals.

We also talk about why lower cost properties are less risky than more expensive properties, and we look at one of his deals that didn't work out.

Scott shares the numbers for his entire portfolio including his total monthly rent, mortgage payment, other expenses, and his monthly profit.

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Thomas was a fan of Dave Ramsey and his debt-free teachings. But, he thinks following Dave's strategy when it comes to investing in rentals is causing people to miss out on building substantial wealth.

Thomas doesn't believe that all debt is bad, and he thinks that it's possible to be conservative with debt, and still build wealth.

On this episode, Thomas shares how he's building wealth without being over-leveraged.

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Harley shares how he got started buying rent-ready condos off the MLS. Those properties appreciated over a few years, but rents didn't appreciate as quickly as the property values.

Eventually, Harley wasn't getting a good return on his equity.

He decided to sell his condos using a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange and trade up better properties that generate more cash flow.

For example, he took a property that was rented for $1,750/month and exchanged it for a property that generates $10,500/month. That's an increase of $8,750 a month!

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Zeke talks about how he built a portfolio of 50 rental doors in just 4 years.

We talk about what the neighborhoods are like, if there is a bed/bath combination that rents best, the age of the properties, and how he's rehabbing the properties.

Zeke also shares how he found the down payment money since he didn't have much money when he started investing.

We also talk about the unique way that he's been finding properties, and how he got help managing them.

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