Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

On this episode we take a look back at some of Dan's favorite moments from 2022.

We listen in on investors that have reached financial freedom from buying rental properties, we hear about a unique financing strategy, and look at the numbers.

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Nick shares his strategy of buying cheap single-family properties, doing minor repairs, renting them out, and eventually selling them and using the profit as his down payment on a bigger and better property.

We talk about a recent example of how he bought a house and after five months sold it and used the profit as a down payment on a 12 unit apartment building.

Nick also shares the numbers for his entire portfolio including total rent, mortgage payments, expenses and total cash flow.

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Carey couldn't find properties that cash flowed, so he decided to build his own.

On this episode Carey walks through the entire process from what kind of land to look for, how he gets the town to bring utilities to the property, and how he eliminates his risk of cost overruns during construction.

We also take a look at his numbers, including the construction cost, mortgage payment, expenses, and his profit.

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Pat shares his story about how he started out buying cheap, run down properties in bad areas. The numbers looked great on paper, but they never actually made him any money.

Pat sold those properties and bought really nice properties in great areas, where the numbers didn't look as good. Those properties have ended up making him a lot more money.

We also talk about the unique way he financed his purchases.

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