Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Brian buys shells in "C" class neighborhoods, does a full gut remodel, and turns the property into three one bedroom suites.

Doing this enables him to charge more rent while at the same time providing affordable housing in a working class neighborhood.

On this episode, Brian talks about how he manages his properties including the technology that he uses to help resolve tenant disputes and how he handles common area cleaning.

Brian also shares his numbers including purchase price, rehab budget, mortgage expense, typical expenses and his cash flow.

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Tyler shares his experience buying two rentals with a partner. We talk about how much money each partner invested and how they split the work.

We also look at the properties Tyler and his purchased and review his numbers. Including total rents, purchase price, mortgage payments, expenses, and how much profit they generate.

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Elaine shares her "boring" strategy of buying cheap rental properties, fixing them up, and providing great customer service to her tenants.

Elaine did this over and over again until her rental income covered all of her living expenses.

On this episode, Elaine talks about why she keeps working and investing her money into growing her rental portfolio.

We also talk about why providing good customer service to her residents is so important.

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Rising interest rates has made it difficult to make the numbers work on a rental deal.

On the first part of this bonus episode, Larry Myer, who has been investing in rentals for 40 years, shares how he has invested in times of higher interest rates.

On the second part of the show Caeli Ridge shares from a lenders perspective how to invest today. She also talks about some loan programs she has that provide lower payments to help make the numbers work.

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Daniel shares his experience renting to travel nurses, who come in town to work on three month contracts.

He shares how much more money he makes doing this vs renting to a traditional long term tenant.

We talk about the types of properties he's been buying, and look at his numbers (what he paid, mortgage payment, other expenses, and his cash flow).

Daniel also shares how he screens his tenants, and how close to the hospital your property should be.

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Luke lives in an expensive area, and couldn't make the numbers work on any rentals near his home.

He found an area about an hour and a half away where the properties were cheaper, and he could get a good return.

During the interview, Luke shares three things that he is doing with his rentals that make Dan Lane very nervous.

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