Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Listen in as Caeli Ridge from Ridge Lending Group consults with Chris, who is a new investor on how he can go from owning one rental to building a portfolio of rentals that net him $8,000 a month.

Chris has access to a HELOC on his primary residence that he wants to use to help fund his rental purchases.

Caeli shows Chris where he needs to bring his credit score, how he can refi without having to wait for a 6 month seasoning period, and shows him what a hypothetical portfolio would like like.

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Kori raised money from a group of friends and formed a partnership to buy rentals.

On this episode we talk about how he is buying and rehabbing properties without being in the same city as his rentals.

We also look at the numbers for one of his deals, and take a look at the numbers for his entire portfolio and figure out how much they are netting after all expenses.

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To mark the 8-year anniversary of the Rental Income Podcast, a frequent guest of the podcast, Mike Grams, interviews Dan Lane.

Dan shares how he got started buying rentals, and how his team helps him buy rentals without Dan having to physically be inside his properties. 

Dan also talks about his criteria for buying rentals and shares his advice to new investors.

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Jesse shares how landlords can have tenants buy insurance instead of paying a security deposit.

This insurance would protect a landlord from lost rent if the tenant ended up being evicted as well as tenant-caused damage to the property.

On this bonus episode, we learn how this insurance works and see if there is a downside for landlords or tenants.

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Gabriel shares the details of his first two rental purchases, and how they looked great on a spreadsheet, but they didn't work out in real life.

We talk about what went wrong and figure out if Gabriel could have done anything differently to have made things work out.

We also talk about how Gabriel got out of these bad situations and actually made a profit. We also talk about how the lessons he learned have made him a better real estate investor.

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On this episode, my guest shares how you don't have to build a rental portfolio and keep it forever. As things change in life you can change the properties you own.

We talk about how my guest built a portfolio of 30 apartments. As he got older, he wanted newer properties and fewer tenants. He sold the apartments and bought 7 single-family houses that produced the same cash flow.

My guest also shares how he used leverage to build his portfolio, and how he paid them off.

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