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An update on the Rental Income Podcast

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Ashish from talks about a simple strategy to avoid getting audited.

We also talk about a strategy to legally pay no taxes on rental income, and how a little planning can save you thousands of dollars in taxes

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Kristina shares how she's been successful in investing in rentals by being flexible with her strategy.

We also talk about how she's had to change how she's found deals as they became harder to find.

Kristina shares the numbers for her portfolio, including gross rent, mortgage payment, repairs and cash flow.

We also take a look at one of her deals.

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Ray And Letitia had no idea it would be so hard to buy a property in their IRA.

On this episode, they share the lessons they learned going through the process, and some major mistakes they could have made if they had not spent the time to learn the IRS rules on self-directed IRAs.

We also talk about what the process was like purchasing their property, and how they dealt with a major change that almost ruined their business plan.

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Guido had a ton of problems in his early investing days. His basement flooded, he had evictions, and rumored drug dealers in one of his rentals. One day he got frustrated and decided to sell his property.

His property went under contract, and Guido immediately regretted his decision to sell. Luckily, the contract ended up falling through, and Guido went to work turning the property around.

A few years later the property appreciated and Guido was able to do a cash-out refi for $750,000.

On this episode, we talk about how he was able to take that money and build a rental portfolio that generates six figures in cash flow every year.

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