Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Alex shares how he buys a rental property as he saves down payments.

He doesn't do major rehabs or creative financing. He has found most of his properties off the MLS, but over the last few years, his properties have generated a ton of cash flow and appreciation.

On this episode, Alex also talks about some mistakes he has made and how he screens property managers.

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Patrick loves owning rentals, but it hasn't always been easy. He's had to deal with fires, floods, bad tenants, and not always having enough money to pay for repairs. On this episode, we talk about both the good and the bad of owning rentals, and how Patrick has overcome some tough situations.

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Jeff shares how he earns triple the revenue vs what his competitors are earning with an Airbnb.

We talk about where he is buying, what he did to upgrade the house, how he raised the money to purchase the property, and how he finds guests that are willing to pay a premium to rent his Airbnb.

We also talk about how he avoided what could have been a pretty big legal issue.

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Carlo talks about the 5 different ways we get paid (at the same time) owning rental properties. We also talk about what types of properties Carlo is buying, what type of neighborhoods they are in.

We also talk about how Carlo has financed his properties, and the level of risk he is comfortable with.

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Philip shares how he created a rental portfolio that nets $12k per month after all expenses, by tapping into equity that he had in his primary residence.

We talk about how he created the equity in his home, and how he used a HELOC (home equity line of credit) to access the equity.

Philip shares how having access to the equity enabled him to get really good deals on rental properties because he could make cash offers.

We also talk about how he's been able to recycle the equity over and over to build his rental portfolio.

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