Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Matt talks about how he was able to reduce his living expenses by house hacking. Doing this enabled him to save money that he used to buy really cheap properties (in good neighborhoods. Today the cash flow from those properties is enough to cover all of his living expenses.

He still works full-time, but he is able to save 100% of that money, to continue to build his wealth and buy more rentals.

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Jason bought rentals, and made a lot of money, during the last two recessions. On this episode, compare how he felt after 9/11 and 2008 vs today, and if he would buy rentals in this market.

Jason has also recently made a lot of changes to the way he manages his rental properties due to the Coronavirus. We talk about what he's doing differently with showings, managing tenants, and working with late payments.

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Fleming shares how Coronavirus has affected him and his rentals so far. We also share tips on how to communicate with tenants during this crisis, and how landlords can protect their investment.

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Tucker just closed on first rental. On this episode, we talk about how he educated himself on rentals, how he made connections with local a local Realtor and Property Manager.

We also talk about how he researched different neighborhoods to find the best area to invest in.

We review his numbers and talk about how much he is making monthly on his first deal.

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We talk about how the Coronavirus and the emergency rate cut have affected the mortgage market.

We look at the current rates and talk about when it might make sense to refi a rental.

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Pam has been investing in rental properties for 40 years, and also owns a property management company that manages over 1,000 rentals for other investors.

Through that experience, she has figured out exactly what makes a profitable and low-hassle rental property. In this episode, she shares exactly what she's looking for when she buys a rental property.

We also talk about some of the big mistakes that she sees investors make.

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