Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Corey shares her slow and steady plan to buy rentals on this episode.

She talks about how she has bought houses to live in, and as she outgrew the houses she would rent them out, and buy a new house to live in.

We also talk about her numbers, the mistakes that she has made along the way, and how she has paid off a mortgage with just a little bit of discipline.

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Leon read a lot of books and followed the advice of a lot of the big real estate gurus. Their advice worked until the market crashed in 2008. After the market crash, he lost several properties and ended up declaring bankruptcy.

The good thing that came out of that experience is that he learned how to protect his portfolio and his rental income from the next recession. On this episode, we talk about how Leon has built a bulletproof rental portfolio.

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Caeli shares details on the lending options to buy a rental property, and what you need to do to qualify for a loan.

For more information, contact Caeli:
855-74-RIDGE (855-747-4343)

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Grayson and Danielle are able to live for free because the rent from the three tenants in their 4-plex more than covers the mortgage.

They also own another 4-plex and a single-family home that generates enough income that Danielle was able to leave her job.

On this episode, we talk about the creative way that they found their properties, how they financed them, and how they generated some quick cash for a down payment.

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Darren shares exactly how he has built his portfolio using the BRRRR strategy. He shares the steps that he took to line up the financing to build his portfolio

He also tells us the two things that you want to make sure you spend money on when you are fixing up a property, and he does not spend money on.

We talk about what he is looking for in a potential deal, and how he finds them.

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