Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Anton shares how he dealt with an issue, earlier this year, when a large number of his tenants were not able to pay rent at the same time.

We talk about how he jumped into action and came up with a plan to help his tenants get back on their feet, so they could pay him rent.

We go over exactly what he did, and how he was able to get his tenants back to being current with their rent.

Anton also shares how having cash reserves gives him the confidence to survive this difficult situation. We talk about how much money he sets aside to deal with emergencies.

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Dean has been a landlord for 24 years and through trial and error, he has figured out what works and what doesn't work with rental properties.

On this episode, Dean shares 7 things that he has figured out that will make people more successful as rental investors.

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On this episode, we meet Chris and Gerrit, a father and son that have formed a partnership to buy rentals.

We talk about how they are able to accomplish more working together, how the money part of the partnership works, and how they have set things up so that business doesn't mess up their family relationship.

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James started buying rentals near his house, but after a few years prices had appreciated and the numbers didn't make sense anymore.

On this episode, James talks about how he researched other areas and found a city 5 hours away where the properties cash flowed better.

James shares how he found properties without having to actually ever go to the property, how he finds tenants, does showings, and manages his rentals from 5 hours away.

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