Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Vessi lives in an expensive area, where the laws are not very landlord friendly. This made it difficult to invest in rental properties locally.

On this episode, Vessi shares how she found the area she is investing in, and how she bought her first few properties.

We also look at the numbers for her first deal and see if things have turned out the way she projected.

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Most people would be in a tight spot financially if they suddenly stopped getting their paycheck.

Luckily Walter started buying rentals a few years before he got laid off, and the income from his rental portfolio produced enough monthly income that it covered most of his living expenses.

This gave him some breathing room as he transitioned to a new career.

On this episode, we take a look at Walter's portfolio including the type of properties he's purchased, and how he financed them.

We also take a look at his numbers including his total monthly rent collected, expenses, and his net cash flow.

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Mike's primary residence increased in value and he tapped into that equity to buy his first rental.

On this episode, Mike shares why used a HELOC vs a traditional mortgage. We also talk about the advantages and risks of a HELOC, and how he plans to recycle his equity to buy more rentals.

We also talk about the strategy that Mike used to have his tenants ask for a $200 rent increase.

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Jarrod shares how his uncle purchased rental properties in the 1940's for a few thousand dollars, and how these properties have been passed down to the younger generation.

Today these properties have appreciated by millions of dolllars and provide income for Jarrod and his family.

Jarrod also talks about how he has taken the equity in the properties to buy more properties, how he minimizes his risk of non-payment and property damage by tenants, and the software that he uses to manage his properties and collect rent.

We also talk about how he is getting the younger generation interested in real estate, to ensure that these properties stay in the family for generations to come.

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