Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Shayla bought rental properties 15 years ago. They ended up being cash flow negative, and she eventally ended up losing them.

Recently Shayla decided that she wanted to get back into real estate investing, and wanted to buy a property that was going to be very profitable.

On this episode, we talk about how Shayla is making a ton of cash flow off on mid term rental.

We talk about what she paid for the property, how much she spent to furnish it, how much her mortgage payment and other expenses are, and how much she profits after everything.

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Jeff shares how he protects his rental portfolio from liability and lawsuits.
Some of the topics we talk about are:
  • Why investors should consider owning in an LLC
  • How to operate your LLC to minimize your chances of a judge invalidating it in the LLC in the event of a lawsuit
  • How to use equity stripping to protect your equity
  • The minimum liability insurance an investor should carry on each rental
  • Why investors should consider getting a PUP
  • How to protect yourself from lawsuits from contractors and mechanic liens
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Josh shares how he went from having no money and renting a room in a basement to profiting over $8,000 a month from his rentals.

On this episode, we walk step-by-step through how he built his rental portfolio.

We talk about the types of properties Josh bought, and what types of neighborhoods they are in.

Josh also shares where he got his down payment money from, and how he financed his rental purchases.

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Aaron bought a portfolio of 7 out of state properties from a turnkey company.

The properties were supposed to cash flow on day one, but it didn't work out that way. Aaron faced huge repair bills, evictions, and trouble renting his properties. 

The repair bills were so bad, that last year he lost $36,000 on these properties.

 On this episode, we figure out what went wrong. Is there anything Aaron could have done differently to have a different outcome? Did he buy bad properties or is this just bad luck? We'll figure it out.

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Debbi talks about how her father started buying rentals over 50 years ago, and how that has created generational wealth for her family.

We talk about what he bought, how he financed his properties, and where he got the down payment money from.

Debbi also shares how much the property has appreciated and how much rent has increased.

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