Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Mike was inspired by a friend making $100k a month from rental properties. He thought, if his friend could do it, why couldn't he?

On this episode, we discuss how Mike took baby steps for the first few years and eventually built a rental portfolio that nets him $35,000 a month.

Mike shares his story of getting started and how one excellent investment changed the entire trajectory of his investing.

We examine Mike's numbers, including his monthly gross rent amount, monthly expenses, and net cash flow.

Mike also shares how challenging the COVID years were for his portfolio, but he made it through them and realized that if he can survive that, he can make it through anything.

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Kathi rented a property to tenants that were cooking meth in her rental.

The toxins from the manufacturing of the meth were so bad that she was not able to remediate the property, and she lost everything.

On this episode, we'll figure out what happened, how Kathi discovered it, and why her insurance policy didn't pay for the damage.

We'll also figure out if Kathi could have done anything to avoid this situation and what investors can do to minimize the risk of this happening to them.

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Jason shares the formula he has followed to reach financial freedom:

He uses other people's money to buy mobile homes, fixes them, and sells them for a profit.

He then uses the profit as his down payment to buy rental properties.

Then he uses the cash flow his rentals produce to pay his living expenses.

On this episode, we talk about what he looks for in a potential mobile home flip, what he does to fix them up, and how he sells them.

We also talk about what types of rentals he's been buying and look at the numbers on a recent deal.

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Charles used to believe that when you buy a rental property, you should hold it forever.

However, he has realized the practicality of the situation: some properties outperform others, and if a property doesn't meet expectations, it might be a good business decision to sell it and reinvest in something else.

On this episode we talk about two properties that Charles recently sold.

We figure out what went wrong and whether he should have noticed any red flags when he bought the property.

We also talk about what Charles did with the money after he sold it.

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Spencer shares the details of renting his property to short-term transitional housing tenants.\

The organization he works with not only pays for repairs on the property but also covers the rent, whether a tenant is placed or not, and takes care of the utilities.\

This arrangement ensures Spencer's steady and reliable income, making renting to short-term transitional housing tenants a profitable proposition financially.

Spencer also details his challenges getting his property up and running, from cost overruns to construction delays.

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Grant had a good job, but it was very demanding. After he had a few kids, he wanted to work less, and he was looking for a way to generate income and break away from his job.

He figured out that he could generate enough income to support his family if he bought enough rentals.

On this episode, we discuss his strategies, including traditional down payments, seller financing, HELOCs, and the BRRRR strategy.

Join us as we delve into Grant's journey, from the moment he decided to invest in real estate to the point where he was able to leave his job. We'll also explore how, as a full-time investor, he was able to expand his portfolio, a testament to the potential of real estate investment.

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Alex shares his simple strategy to build wealth with his rental properties.

Discover how Alex strategically acquires properties that not only generate wealth but also minimize tenant-related issues, offering him a hassle-free and promising investment experience.

We also discuss why he thinks cash flow is essential, but buying properties likely to appreciate is more critical.

We also talk about how important it Is to think long-term when investing in rentals.

Alex also discusses the two phases of rental investing, growth, and cash flow, and how he is now transitioning to the cash flow phase.

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As an investor, if you have to pay for utilities, it can kill your cash flow. Having a utility company submeter each unit isn't always an option, and if it is, it can be costly.

On this episode, Kelly shares a unique way to submeter buildings, without involving the utility companies.

A meter is placed in the building that measures usage for each tenant.

The landlord can then bill each tenant for their actual usage.

Kelly talks about the cost of installing the meters, ongoing costs, and how the usage and rate data is compiled.

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Justin shares how not being able to take enough time from work for one of his kids to play travel hockey was his motivation to start building a rental portfolio.

On this episode, Justin shares how he got the money to get started, how he financed his rental purchases, and how many properties he needed to leave his job.

Justin also shares how he budgets for expenses (both business and personal), and how he gets health insurance for his family without a job.

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Bryan was slowly building his rental portfolio, and over the last few years, he figured out a formula to step up the pace of his buying.

On this episode, we talk about:

How he's been buying incredible deals ($100K under market).
How he financed his purchases.
Where his down payment money came from.

We also look at the numbers for his entire portfolio, including total rent, mortgage payments, typical expenses, and net cash flow.

Bryan also shares his plan to get to $20K in monthly cash flow.

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Jacki talks about her strategy of buying a property that she wants to use on vacation for a few years. She generates income by renting it when she's not there.

After a few years, she's ready to go somewhere new. She'll sell the property for a profit, and use the equity she created to buy the next one.

On this episode, we talk about how many times she's done this strategy, what the perfect property looks like, and we look at the numbers for a recent deal.

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Join us as we explore the ins and outs of financing, legal structures, and the advantages and disadvantages of buying rentals with partners.

On this episode, we talk about their decision to operate under an LLC or as individuals to build their portfolio.

We also talk about how they used an FHA 203k loans, a powerful tool to buy and rehab properties with a small down payment.

Dave and his partners have come up with a unique way to make sure they can continue to buy rentals even if one member of the partnership can't afford it at that particular time.

We also talk about what they are doing with the monthly cash flow, and how they are managing their properties.

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A few years ago, Chase was listening to the Rental Income Podcast, trying to figure out how to get started investing in rentals.

After hearing dozens of stories from investors who had been successful in investing in real estate, he felt ready to buy his first property.

Today his rental portfolio generates over $20,000 a month in net cash flow.\

On this episode, Chase shares the types of properties that generate the highest return for him, how he screens his tenants, and why he prefers month-to-month leases over year leases.

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Mike bought a rental property that looked like an incredible deal on paper, but it turned out to be a really bad investment.

Mike ran into problem after problem. The maintenance costs were higher than he projected, tenants were constantly turning over, and he wasn't able to push the rents as high as he had hoped.

On this episode, Mike shares everything that went wrong, and we figure out how you can avoid buying a bad property.

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Morgan shares how he was able to get double the returns by buying properties two hours away.
Once he saw that he didn't need to live close to his properties, he packed up and moved 1,000 miles away.
On this episode, Morgan shares how he was able to build his portfolio with a low credit score, and where he got the money from to build his rental portfolio.
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Mitch shares his unique strategy of buying run-down properties, tearing them down, and replacing them with 8-unit apartment buildings.

We talk about why he likes to tear down properties vs buy vacant land.

Mitch also shares the lot size and age of the property he targets, and how he gets the construction done in just a few months.

We also take a look at his numbers. Mitch shares the typical acquisition cost, construction costs, and typical rent.

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Tony shares that he wanted to buy rentals for 5 - 7 years, but fear and his relationship with money held him back.

Tony finally bought his first rental two years ago, and today his portfolio consists of 9 rentals.

On this episode, we talk about how Tony found his first deal, we also take a look at his numbers (including the rent, his mortgage payment, and other expenses) and figure out how much money Tony sets aside for emergencies for each property.

We also talk about how Tony has used hard money and blanket mortgages to finance his portfolio.

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Peter shares his strategy of owning properties in different areas so that if the economy in one area starts doing badly, his other properties in other areas can pick up the slack.

He has purchased in 4 different areas using different strategies. Some are long-term rentals, Some are Airbnb.

He talks about:

How he has bought out-of-state properties without going to see them in person

How he self-manages out-of-state Airbnb's

How he was able to massively cut his income tax with one of his recent purchases.

How he's financing his purchases.

The areas he's been buying in.

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Steven had no money, and a negative networth when he started buying rentals.
On this episode, he shares how he got started and built his rental portfolio.
We talk about:
  • How he got the money to buy his rentals
  • How powerful time is in building equity and cash flow
  • The types of properties that he likes to buy
  • How he keeps costs down by using VA's to help him manage his rentals
  • How he rents properties without showing them to potential tenants

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Brandon didn't have a lot of money when he started buying rentals.

He got started buying what he could afford - old, run-down properties. He fixed them up, and raised the rent. Doing this created a ton of equity.

Today, Brandon is in the process of selling off some of those properties and using the equity he created to buy nice single-family homes in better neighborhoods with cash.

The new properties will be more profitable because they will be newer and not have mortgage payments. They should also be easier to manage.

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Joel has been buying rental properties for over 45 years, and on this episode, he shares two timeless things he did to build substantial wealth with his rental properties.

Joel also shares insight into how he thinks about money and how he built his portfolio with the smart use of leverage.

Joel also shares how building relationships with other investors has been a very important part of his success.

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David shares how he's been able to substantally grow his cash flow and build wealth by making sure he raises rent every year.

We talk about how much he targets to raise rent, how he notifies tenants about the increase, and how long before the end of the lease he notifies them.

We also talk about why he uses a Realtor to lease his rentals vs leasing himself.

We also look at the numbers for one of his deals and see how much his cash flow has increased over time with yearly rent increases.

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Joe lives in an area that historically has seen great appreciation, but cash flow is very hard to come by.

He decided to invest in good areas that had much cheaper properties, that produced better cash flow.

On this episode, we talk about if Joe sees any risk in investing out of state. We also talk about how Joe figured out where to invest, how he found his properties, and see if he ran into any challenges along the way.

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Ben is a Realtor, Property Manager, and owns rentals in his personal portfolio. On this episode, he shares the types of properties that have worked out best for him and the investors he works with.

We talk about the best type of neighborhoods to buy in, the perfect bed/bath combination, and the types of properties to avoid.

We also talk about why Ben thinks it's important to diversify with different strategies, and why he stopped renting on Airbnb and is now doing medium term rentals.

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Shayla bought rental properties 15 years ago. They ended up being cash flow negative, and she eventally ended up losing them.

Recently Shayla decided that she wanted to get back into real estate investing, and wanted to buy a property that was going to be very profitable.

On this episode, we talk about how Shayla is making a ton of cash flow off on mid term rental.

We talk about what she paid for the property, how much she spent to furnish it, how much her mortgage payment and other expenses are, and how much she profits after everything.

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Jeff shares how he protects his rental portfolio from liability and lawsuits.
Some of the topics we talk about are:
  • Why investors should consider owning in an LLC
  • How to operate your LLC to minimize your chances of a judge invalidating it in the LLC in the event of a lawsuit
  • How to use equity stripping to protect your equity
  • The minimum liability insurance an investor should carry on each rental
  • Why investors should consider getting a PUP
  • How to protect yourself from lawsuits from contractors and mechanic liens
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Josh shares how he went from having no money and renting a room in a basement to profiting over $8,000 a month from his rentals.

On this episode, we walk step-by-step through how he built his rental portfolio.

We talk about the types of properties Josh bought, and what types of neighborhoods they are in.

Josh also shares where he got his down payment money from, and how he financed his rental purchases.

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Aaron bought a portfolio of 7 out of state properties from a turnkey company.

The properties were supposed to cash flow on day one, but it didn't work out that way. Aaron faced huge repair bills, evictions, and trouble renting his properties. 

The repair bills were so bad, that last year he lost $36,000 on these properties.

 On this episode, we figure out what went wrong. Is there anything Aaron could have done differently to have a different outcome? Did he buy bad properties or is this just bad luck? We'll figure it out.

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Debbi talks about how her father started buying rentals over 50 years ago, and how that has created generational wealth for her family.

We talk about what he bought, how he financed his properties, and where he got the down payment money from.

Debbi also shares how much the property has appreciated and how much rent has increased.

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