Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Greg talks about how he generates enough money off his rentals to pay all his bills.

He still works so that he can generate more cash to continue to buy more rentals and to continue to build his rental income.

We talk about why he likes buying condos and how why he's not afraid of condo fee increases, and how he has joined the condo board to have some say in how the development is run.

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David thought about buying rentals for a long time. Recently, he felt like the time was right to buy his first rental.

On this episode, we talk about how he got his wife excited about the idea of buying a rental.

We also talk about how he found the property, how he financed the property, and how things have been working out.

David shares all his numbers, and we figure out if he got a good deal.


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Don wanted to build a rental portfolio that generated income for him to live on in retirement, but he wasn't interested on taking on a lot of debt or a lot of risk.

On this episode, he shares how he built a small portfolio of quality properties in good neighborhoods, and how he's been able to pay off several of his mortgages. 

Don also talks about how having paid off properties takes away the fear of having multiple tenants not paying rent, or moving out at the same time.

Don shares how he is doing a pre-retirement test run right now, and is taking monthly draws of his rental income to test what it is going to be like financially to retire.

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Matt shares how he went from not making much money and living on a couch to owning a rental portfolio that generates $15,000 a month in gross rental income.

We talk about how he got the money to get started, how he eliminated his housing expenses with a house hack, and we look at the numbers for his portfolio and figure out how much he nets after all expenses.

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