Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Marc shares how he started building his rental portfolio after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He was buying a new property about every 10 months and realized that it was going to take him forever to get where he wanted to go. He eventually left his job to work full-time as a Realtor, and today his rental portfolio could support about 50% of his monthly expenses. On this episode, we talk about managing his portfolio, how he find deals, and how he started working with partners as he started running out of his own money.

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Brandon shares how he was able to leave his job after buying 2 single family houses. We talk about why he decided to rent out the houses by the room vs renting the house to one tenant. We also talk about how he financed the rentals, how long it takes to manage them, and how he budgets for repairs and capex.

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A listener recently sent me an email saying that he reached financial freedom with 10 rentals. He wanted to know why people build really large portfolios when they probably don't really need to. On this episode, we talk to a landlord that has over 100 rentals to ask him why he built such a large portfolio.

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