Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Ashish from explains how rental property investors can save money on taxes with real estate professional status.

We talk about what it is, how to qualify, and rules that investors need to be aware of.

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Curtis shares the numbers behind his 8 unit portfolio. We talk about his gross rents, expenses, and his monthly profit.

We also talk about how he finds traveling nurses, how he manages his properties, and how he does his leases.

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On this bonus episode, Dominic shares details of a recent rental he purchased.

We talk about how he found the property, what he paid, details of his rehab, and we go over his numbers.

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Bryan shares how he had a rough start buying rentals. It took him 3 years to turn around his first 4-plex.

On this episode, we talked about how he turned things around, raised rents, and turned a building with a lot of deferred maintenance into a property with great cash flow.

Bryan recently closed on his second property. We talk about how he used the equity he created with his first property to buy his second.

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Josh wanted to invest in rentals, but the numbers didn't work in the area that he lives. Real Estate is too expensive, and the rents aren't high enough to make a profit.

On this episode, Josh talks about how he found a less expensive area, and with the help of a good Realtor he has been able to buy rentals and build monthly passive income

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Farris talks about how he finds great tenants for his rentals. We talk about the number one thing that investors can do to attract good tenants.

We also talk about where he advertises his rentals (and where he doesn't), how he does showings, how he does pre-screening, where he goes for online screening and other things he looks for in his screening process.

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Matthew & Kim share how they are working towards replacing their W2 job income with a small rental portfolio.

On this episode, we take a look at where they are now, their current rental income, and talk about their plans to pay off their entire portfolio.

We also talk about how their old school way that they manage their rental portfolio without any online software or technology.

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