Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

The idea that you could borrow money to make money without having a lot of money blew Aaron's mind.

On this episode, Aaron talks about how he got started with rentals doing a house hack and ended up getting paid to live in his property, and made $70K when he sold that property a few years later.

We also talk about how he bought his second rental with no money down, and how having a real estate license and access to the MLS has helped him get better deals.


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Dave talks about how he quit his job before he had enough rental income to replace his W2 income.

Being able to focus on real estate full-time gave him the time to find deals and grow his rental portfolio.

On this episode, Dave talks about the returns he is looking for in a rental property, a creative way that he has been able to cut his expenses to increase his cash flow, and if he thinks investors are better off with a small or a big rental portfolio.

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You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a rehab to charge a higher rent.

On this bonus episode, Lee Fjord shares some cheap and easy upgrades that he does to his rentals that help him charge a higher rent, and get a better return.

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Zach has a full-time job and doesn't have time to do any complicated strategies to find rentals or take on a rehab project. He's been buying properties that need minimal fixes that can be rented out as soon as he closes on them.

On this episode we talk about how Zach has been building his portfolio, we take a look at one of his deals, and talk about how he has overcome a few challenges.

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Sean had a tenant suddenly pass away. On the first part of this episode, we talk to Sean about what happened to the lease, what he did with the personal property of the tenant, and how he got back control of the property.

On the second part of the episode, we talk to Attorney Jules Haas to see if Sean handled the situation correctly and to see if there are other issues that landlords need to be aware of.



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Tom knew that he needed to come up with a plan for retirement income. He figured out that if he bought a few rental properties and worked on getting them paid off he would be able to generate enough income to support himself.

On this episode, we talk about how Tom got started with just a little bit of money, and how he paid off his properties.

We also talk about some of the challenges that Tom faced along the way, and how he overcame them.

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Chris had a lot of potential tenants that weren't very serious about renting from him. To eliminate the tire kickers, Chris started making people interested in viewing the property fill out a full application and pay an application fee before seeing the property.

On this bonus episode, we talk about how this works, and how it's been working out for Chris.

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John talks about what investors should be looking for in rental properties, and what he's looking for.

We also talk about the 1% rule, and if this is still a good benchmark to evaluate rental properties, and other factors that investors should consider.

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