Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

John shares how he figured out the math behind building a rental portfolio that generates him $20,000 a month in profit.

We talk about how he built his portfolio without taking a lot of risk, and why he likes buying properties that don't require a lot of rehab work.

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If you are in a tight spot financially, or you think you may be in the future, a mortgage forbearance might sound like the perfect solution.

You take a break from your mortgage payments and you can catch up in the future when things are better.

This sounds great, but there is a BIG downside to taking a forbearance.

On this bonus episode, we talk about what will really happen, if you take a mortgage forbearance.

Caeli Ridge From Ridge Lending Group explains how a forbearance works and why you don't want to take one.

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What happens when good tenants get laid off? If they lose their job will they still pay rent? On this episode, we talk to four landlords to hear their experience with collecting rent during COVID-19.

We talk about how many of their tenants paid rent, and some of the strategies that they are using to help their tenants get the money to pay them.

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We first met Chris, on this podcast, two years ago. On episode 148, Chris talked about how he was working full-time, and slowly building his rental portfolio on the side.

On this episode, we follow-up with Chris, and find out that he has been able to leave his job, and today he and his wife live off their rental income.

We talk about how he was able to increase his real estate income and lower his expenses.

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Andy is a teacher and doesn't make a lot of money. But, he has managed to buy 11 rentals over the last few years. On this episode, we talk about the different strategies that he has used to buy his properties, and how he manages his rentals with his full-time job.

We also talk about the unique way that he screens his tenants, and how he has been able to squeeze a little extra monthly cash flow out of his rentals.

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COVID-19 continues to change the mortgage market. On this bonus episode, Caeli Ridge talks about how mortgage lending programs have changed in the last few weeks, and how some of these changes may benefit investors.

We also talk about changes to the way that appraisals are being done today.

As well as how banks are working with rental property investors, if they have a tenant that can't pay rent due to a job loss or illness.

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