Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Jessie shares how she got started buy buying a house to live in, and renting rooms to help pay the mortgage.

She bought a few properties this way, and a few with traditional down payments, but she didn't get serious about building her rental portfolio until January 2021, when she discovered the BRRRR strategy.

Jessie is using none of her own money to buy and rehab her properties and is creating over $50,000 in equity on each deal she does.

We also look at a recent deal and review all the numbers, including purchase price, rehab cost, refi amount, how much the property is rented for, and Jessie's cash flow.

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Craig wanted to invest for cash flow and appreciation. Instead of finding the perfect property that had potential for both, he invested in two different areas. One area has historically seen a lot of appreciation and the other had lower priced properties that cash flowed better.

On this episode we see if one type of property has worked out better, in terms of being easier to manage and which has been more profitable.

Craig has been buying and managing his properties from out of state. We see if this has been a challange.

We also look at the numbers for a cash flow property and an appreciation property to see how they are performing.

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When Jessie (from Episode433) couldn't make things work with her Airbnb, she sold it to Jon.'

On this episode, we talk to Jon about how he put together a creative deal to buy the furnished, turn-key property with no money down.

Jessie couldn't make money in the summer, but not the rest of the year. Jon shares what he did to turn this into a property that is generating year-round revenue.

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Jessie's first Airbnb didn't go as well as she hoped, and she ended up having to sell the property.

On the first of this two-part series, we figure out what went wrong. Jessie shares how she researched the area, furnished the property, and marketed it.

As hard as Jessie worked at it, she couldn't make the property profitable and sold it.

On part two of the series we talk to the investor that Jessie sold the property to and figure out how he turned things around.

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When Andrew started investing in real estate, all he could afford to buy were really cheap properties in not-the-best neighborhoods.

These properties made money, but he faced challenges with finding property managers and high expense ratios.

Andrew sold those properties and started buying better properties in better neighborhoods.

As those properties have appreciated, he has been selling them off and buying even better properties in even better areas.

We also talk about how Andrew is able to buy two houses every time he sells a house.

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