Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Andy and Erika share how they have been saving money for down payments to buy rentals. 

We talk about their criteria to buy a property, what they are looking for in a potential tenant, and how they divide the management of their rental portfolio.

They also share their numbers for what their properties, what they are rented for, their mortgage payment, and their cash flow.

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Pravin shares his gross rent, expenses, and net profit for each type of rental he owns. 

On this episode, we talk about how he financed his portfolio, how long it took him to go from $0 to $83,000 in rental income, and why he decided to use a strategy of buying some properties for cash flow and others for cash flow and appreciation.

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Tina is an investor that nets about $5k a month from her rental portfolio. She wants to get to $10k a month.

This episode is a recording of a strategy session between Tina and Caeli Ridge.

They talk about Tina's goals, and how her credit affects her plans. Caeli also looks at a potential deal, and comes up with a game plan for Tina.

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On this episode Dan and Farris answer listener emails:

1.) Is this a bad time to invest in rental properties

2.) What are some of the best ways to find deals today?

3.) Finding money to buy my next property has been a challenge. What are some ways creative ways to find capital?

4.) Working with Realtors

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Tom shares how he went from being a new investor with 2 rentals to buying a portfolio of 75 rentals. 

We talk about how he found the deal, how dealt with losing some of his properties to eminent domain, and he sold off some of the properties for a huge gain.

Tom also shares what he paid for the portfolio, his gross rents and his net profit.

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