Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Johnathan talks about how he buys rentals to generate monthly cash flow that gives him freedom to live life on his terms.

Currently, he doesn't need the cash flow to pay his bills, so he reinvests all of that money back into his portfolio to continue to build his portfolio.

We also talk about how Jonathan buys some properties for appreciation, and others for cash flow.

He also shares the details for one of his deals including expenses and cash flow.

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Jake shares his strategy for generating money to buy rental properties.

When he looks at a property, he figures out if it would be a good flip or a good rental. If he ends up flipping it, he'll set the profit aside to buy his next rental. When he buys his next rental, he now has cash flow for the rest of his life.

On this episode we talk about how he decides if a property is a better flip or a rental. We also talk about how he's finding deals and how he's financing them.

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Harrison shares his strategy of buying run-down apartment buildings, in areas of the city that are improving.

We talk about how he is making extra money by starting retail businesses in the commercial portion of the building.

Harrison details how he's been able to buy and fix up the properties using very little of his own money.

We also take a look at one of his deals and look at the rental income, mortgage payment, other expenses, cash flow, and how much equity he's created by fixing up the building.

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Andres figured out pretty quickly that he was not going to be able to buy very many rentals using his own money.

He started creating win-win "Creative Partnerships" to raise money to buy rental properties that generate profits for him and his investors.

On this episode, we talk about how he did it, and we also look at his entire portfolio and figure out how he generates about $10K a month in rental income and has created $2 million in equity.

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Nick shares how his rentals make him an extra $2K a month with very little work.

Nick talks about the strategy he has been using to pay off his rentals, and how he plans to have his entire portfolio paid off in the next 7 - 8 years.

We take a look at his numbers including the total rent collected every month, and his expenses (mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, repairs, and management fees.)

We also talk about some of the big expenses Nick has had with his rentals, and how he survived those big expenses.

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