Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Jennifer was staying at home with her daughter and didn't want to go back to work. She figured out that if she could buy rental properties that generated passive income, she could earn enough money without having to work full-time.

On this episode, we talk about how she has automated her business to the point where it doesn't require too much of her time.

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Kevin shares some inexpensive things that he does with his rentals to get higer rent. He also shares what he did to tenant proof his rentals to reduce his maintenance and turnover costs, and some of the ways that he has outsourced the management of his rentals without hiring a property manager.

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There are lots of little things that investors can do to make their rental properties more profitable. Mike is an investor and a property manager, and on this episode he shares several tips to make your rentals more profitable.

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Rennie was broke and had no retirement plan at 50. He found a partner and started buying rentals with the hope of generating some money so that he could retire someday. His plan worked and today he is lives off his rental income. On this episode we talk about how he did it.

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On this episode we talk about the types of properties Randy has found make the best rentals, and what he is currently looking to buy.

In all the years Randy has been investing, and after renting to thousands of tenants, he's never had to evict a tenant. We talk about his secret to only having good tenants.

We also talk about how he screened and how he manages his property managers.

He also offers advice on how you can survive and grow during the next recession.

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