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Marky bought a property thinking he would be able to renovate it in about a month. Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan, and the BRRRR has taken longer to complete.

On this episode Marky shares how he dealt with problems, including problems with the city, contractors, material delays, and going over budget.

Marky shares what he has leaned, how he navigated the issues and what he will do differently next time.

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Greg has been buying rentals on his own, but for his latest deal, he formed a partnership with his sister and her husband to buy a four-unit building.

On this episode, we talk about how they set up the partnership legally, and how much money they each invested. We also talk about their financing and their long-term plan for the investment.

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David shares his strategy of buying occupied properties, and slowly rehabbing them as tenants turnover. When the units are rehabbed, he's usually able to raise the rent by about 50%.

We also talk about the best bedroom/bath setup for a rental, how to find a mentor, and how he bought his first rental property when he was 16.

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Kyle shares how he educated himself about investing in rentals, and took that knowledge and put it to use in building his rental portfolio.

We talk about how many rentals he has, what he's looking for in a property, and how much he targets to make per rental.

We also look at two of his deals: a good one, and one that had a lot of trouble.

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Jesse shares some good and bad experiences he's had owning rental properties. 
We talk about how he got hit with two big repairs back-to-back, and how an emergency savings account helped him survive that financial hit.
We also talk about how Jesse's rentals have become more profitable as time has gone by, and how an experiment converting some of his rentals to Airbnb worked out.
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