Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

We talk about the minimum credit score, and income landlords should accept. As well as tips to verify the information that the applicant provided.

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Brit shares tips on how to find an "investor friendly" Realtor, he shares how he financed his portfolio, and he tells us, in his opinion, if it is really possible for someone to quit their job and live off their rental income.

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Becky doesn't buy rentals - She builds them! We talk about how she got started, and why she decided to build properties. We also talk about what she learned from evicting a tenant.

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Josh shares the details of his first deal. A property that is generating $1,200/month in cash flow.

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Andrew shares the simple formula he uses to pay off properties quickly. He explains how he is able to payoff 5 properties every 7 years. 

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