Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Tony shares that he wanted to buy rentals for 5 - 7 years, but fear and his relationship with money held him back.

Tony finally bought his first rental two years ago, and today his portfolio consists of 9 rentals.

On this episode, we talk about how Tony found his first deal, we also take a look at his numbers (including the rent, his mortgage payment, and other expenses) and figure out how much money Tony sets aside for emergencies for each property.

We also talk about how Tony has used hard money and blanket mortgages to finance his portfolio.

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Peter shares his strategy of owning properties in different areas so that if the economy in one area starts doing badly, his other properties in other areas can pick up the slack.

He has purchased in 4 different areas using different strategies. Some are long-term rentals, Some are Airbnb.

He talks about:

How he has bought out-of-state properties without going to see them in person

How he self-manages out-of-state Airbnb's

How he was able to massively cut his income tax with one of his recent purchases.

How he's financing his purchases.

The areas he's been buying in.

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Steven had no money, and a negative networth when he started buying rentals.
On this episode, he shares how he got started and built his rental portfolio.
We talk about:
  • How he got the money to buy his rentals
  • How powerful time is in building equity and cash flow
  • The types of properties that he likes to buy
  • How he keeps costs down by using VA's to help him manage his rentals
  • How he rents properties without showing them to potential tenants

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Brandon didn't have a lot of money when he started buying rentals.

He got started buying what he could afford - old, run-down properties. He fixed them up, and raised the rent. Doing this created a ton of equity.

Today, Brandon is in the process of selling off some of those properties and using the equity he created to buy nice single-family homes in better neighborhoods with cash.

The new properties will be more profitable because they will be newer and not have mortgage payments. They should also be easier to manage.

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