Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Section 8 and other rental subsidy programs can be a great way for landlords to receive guaranteed rent payments every month.

But, there are some potential negative things to be aware of.

On this episode, Rich Hudec, and investor who owns Section 8 properties, shares the good and bad of Section 8.

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Chase wanted to start buying rentals, but he didn't have much money. The only rentals he could afford were really cheap rentals in a bad neighborhood.

The returns looked great on paper, but a lot of investors have trouble getting this type of property to preform because they tend to have more tenant turnover and higher maintenance costs.

On this episode, we find out how Chase's investment worked out, what he learned.

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Chris has a full-time job, a wife, young kids, but he has somehow found time to buy a portfolio of cash-flowing rental properties.

On this episode, we talk about how he built his portfolio, how he financed his rentals, and how he has automated the management of his rentals.

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Jim has always been interested in buying rentals, but he never had the time to do it.

After getting laid off in his 50's he needed to figure out how he was going to support his family. He decided it was time to start buying rentals.

Jim didn't need a build a huge rental portfolio. He bought a few properties over a few years, and today he lives off his rental income.

On this episode, he tells us how he did it, and the numbers behind his portfolio.

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