Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Rob talks about how he became a landlord because he wanted to buy a new home, and he didn't think he would be able to sell the house he lived in.

Rob hired a property manager to run the property for him. Things went well at first, but eventually things went bad. On this episode of the podcast, we talk about what happened and how Rob dealt with it.

We also talk about how Rob does open houses for his showings when he has a vacant unit, why he got his real estate license, and some interesting research he did in his MLS to help him identify good rental areas.

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Adam tells us how he started buying rentals in a lower end neighborhood. The numbers looked great on paper, but after three evictions in a year and a half, he decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

Adam also talks about how he shifted to a different neighborhood and is getting good returns with a lot less hassle.

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Dana set a goal that she wanted to buy 20 rentals by the time she was 30. On this episode, we talk about how she got started, how she finances her properties by saving up down payments and using traditional bank financing, and how she manages her rentals while working full-time.

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A CPA explains what is staying the same, and what is changing for real estate investors with the new tax law.

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