Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

On this episode we take a look back at some of Dan's favorite moments from 2023.

We hear from 4 investors:

* Scott talks about making $30K a month from his rentals (Episode 430)
* Marky bought a duplex and later found out it wasn't legal (Episode 404)
* Blake sold half of his portfolio and paid off the other half (Episode 438)
* Andy made a lot of mistakes, but still ended up with a profitable property (Episode 413)

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Farris shares his journey from being a brand new investor to reaching financial independence in just a few years.

We talk about the kind of neighborhoods he's buying in, why he likes buying properties that are rent ready, and where he got the money from to start buying rentals.

We also talk about how many rentals Farris needed to reach financial freedom, and how many rentals he thinks the average investor needs.

Interested in learning more about how you can reach financial independence? Join the community:

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Andrew shares how tapping into the equity he had sitting in his primary residence helped him get started investing in rentals.

Andrew also shares how house hacking to eliminate his monthly housing expenses, and becoming a part-time real estate agent, in addition to his day job, were also a huge part of earning extra money to invest.

On this episode also shares a few other ways he was able to find money to invest.

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Saad shares his strategy of buying cheap houses and transforming them into two or three-unit buildings.

We talk about how he gets this approved by the city, and the challenges he's had with contractors.

Saad also shares how he is doing this without physically living in the same area as his rentals.

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