Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Bob shares how his experience flipping houses helped him be better at buying rentals. We talk about his unique strategy for making offers, how he finds good contractors, and what he's looking for when he buys a property that already has tenants in place.

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Linda gives me advice on how to deal with two issues that I'm having with my rental properties right now. Linda also shares some great website resources for landlords.

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Chris talks about how he has set up his rentals to not require too much of his time. We talk about how he rehabs the properties after he buys them. We also talk about how he made connections that have helped him finance his portfolio.

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The economy is good right now. Unemployment is low, rents are going up, and it's a great time to be a landlord. On today's bonus episode, I talk to a landlord that has survived the last two recessions.

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Felicia's husband died young, and she had to figure out how she was going to support her family. She figured out that if she bought a few rentals she could support her family off the rental income. On this episode she shares how she did it.

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