Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Scott built a rental portfolio of college rentals shortly after he graduated from college. The portfolio was working out great, and providing lots of cash flow. Scott ended up getting divorced and losing his entire portfolio. On this episode, we talk about how he built his first portfolio, and how he ended up building a better portfolio the second time around.

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We talk to Rich about a recent deal that he worked out where he ended up getting a rental property for free. Rich has very little turnover with his portfolio. We talk about what he is doing to get his tenants to stay for long periods of time. Rich also talks about a few recent deals he has done that don't meet the 1% rule, but are still profitable.

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Jo shares how she got started in real estate by doing live-in flips and keeping houses to rent when she moved. Recently she has bought two properties using 20% down payments. Saving the money for down payments can be a challenge for a lot of people. On this episode, we talk about her simple strategy for saving for down payments. We also talk about how much she sets aside for repairs on her rentals.

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Alina and Joe tell their story of renting out beds on a short-term basis to travelers. They have 30 beds available between two single-family houses. They even trade out the management to longer-term travelers that they let stay for free in exchange for managing the rentals.

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