Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Brad had a ton of consumer debt. He followed Dave Ramsey's baby steps to pay everything off. Once he was debt-free, he decided that he was never going to borrow any money ever again.

On this episode, Brad talks about how he only will invest in a rental if he has the cash to buy it outright

We talk about why he thinks investing without debt is the best way to go, how he saved the cash, and how he has been using the cash that his rentals generate to buy more rentals.

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Michael lives in a high cost and high tax area. This makes it very difficult to invest in rentals - but not impossible.

In this episode, Michael talks about some of the challenges he has faced with investing and how he has been able to make things work.

He also shares the type of properties that make the most sense in his area, and the challenges he has faced as he has rehabbed properties and managing his tenants.

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Isaac had a plan to buy rentals in neighborhoods that were close to hot neighborhoods that have seen a lot of appreciation.

After a few years of buying rentals, his bet paid off and his properties have appreciated. He decided that now was a good time to sell half of his rental portfolio.

On this episode, we talk about how he decided it was time to sell, how he sold, and look at the numbers of one of his recent sales.

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Chris had no money and no credit when he started buying rentals. He formed a partnership to buy rentals and he created a lot of equity with his partners. At some point, his partners wanted to cash out an sell the portfolio.

Chris walked away with a pretty big check, but made a bad investment and lost everything.

We talk about what Chris learned and how he was able to build a better portfolio when he had to start over from scratch.

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