Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Layton shares how he got started and bought his first 4 rentals in a little over a year. He also talks about the numbers he is looking for and the 6 other criteria he is looking for in a rental.

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A CPA shares ways rental owners can save money on their taxes. We talk about some overlooked tax deductions,  if having a LLC will save you money on taxes, and how owners of rental properties can pay less tax than other business owners.

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A house flipper shares how he makes $50,000 (on average) flipping houses. We talk about how he finds deals, how he analyzes deals, how he uses none of his own money to do the flip, how he finds good (and keeps) contractors, and how he sells the properties for top dollar.

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Ken has done really well in an area that a lot of investors struggle with. He shares how he makes sure he gets paid every month, and what he does to keep his tenants for long periods.

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Rich talks about how he started investing in a market that had great cash flow on paper. He didn't like dealing with the hassles of that market and has been able to make a lot more money investing in another market with lower cash flow. 

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