Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Johnathan talks about how he buys rentals to generate monthly cash flow that gives him freedom to live life on his terms.

Currently, he doesn't need the cash flow to pay his bills, so he reinvests all of that money back into his portfolio to continue to build his portfolio.

We also talk about how Jonathan buys some properties for appreciation, and others for cash flow.

He also shares the details for one of his deals including expenses and cash flow.

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Jake shares his strategy for generating money to buy rental properties.

When he looks at a property, he figures out if it would be a good flip or a good rental. If he ends up flipping it, he'll set the profit aside to buy his next rental. When he buys his next rental, he now has cash flow for the rest of his life.

On this episode we talk about how he decides if a property is a better flip or a rental. We also talk about how he's finding deals and how he's financing them.

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Harrison shares his strategy of buying run-down apartment buildings, in areas of the city that are improving.

We talk about how he is making extra money by starting retail businesses in the commercial portion of the building.

Harrison details how he's been able to buy and fix up the properties using very little of his own money.

We also take a look at one of his deals and look at the rental income, mortgage payment, other expenses, cash flow, and how much equity he's created by fixing up the building.

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Andres figured out pretty quickly that he was not going to be able to buy very many rentals using his own money.

He started creating win-win "Creative Partnerships" to raise money to buy rental properties that generate profits for him and his investors.

On this episode, we talk about how he did it, and we also look at his entire portfolio and figure out how he generates about $10K a month in rental income and has created $2 million in equity.

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Nick shares how his rentals make him an extra $2K a month with very little work.

Nick talks about the strategy he has been using to pay off his rentals, and how he plans to have his entire portfolio paid off in the next 7 - 8 years.

We take a look at his numbers including the total rent collected every month, and his expenses (mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, repairs, and management fees.)

We also talk about some of the big expenses Nick has had with his rentals, and how he survived those big expenses.

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Jake is comfortable with mortgage debt, but his wife isn't. Together they came up with a compromise to use mortgages to purchase properties but to get them paid off as quickly as possible. Today they have paid off 75% of their mortgage debt.

On this episode, Jake shares three strategies he has used to pay off their mortgages.

Jake also shares a unique way that he has found off-market deals.

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Caeli Ridge from Ridge Lending Group shares how to get approved for a mortgage on a rental property.

We talk about the minimum credit score, the documents that you will need to provide, and the reserve requirements.

We also talk about the timeframe to close a loan, and the 4 mistakes that Caeli has seen borrowers make.

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Al started with a small condo and a 4 Plex that he house hacked.

After a series of trading up to bigger and better properties, he ended up with a 74-unit apartment complex that nets him $28,000 per month.

We talk about how Al found a neglected property and turned it around (from halfway across the country), how he manages the property, and review all the numbers, including total monthly rent, expenses, and cash flow.

We also talk about the series of trades that Al made to get where he is today.

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Anytime Michael would manage to save $10,000 he would always find something to buy with his money. He figured out that it would be a better use of his money to buy a rental with the money and the cash flow that the property generated would make him even more money every month.

On this episode Michael shares if small apartment buildings or single-family homes have been better investments for him.

He also talks about how he built a diversified portfolio with properties in different types of neighborhoods.

He also shares how he got rid of a bad tenant that was about to scare off good tenants.

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Andy made a lot of mistakes with his first rental. He paid too much, he didn't budget for expenses and vacancies, and he didn't use the 1% rule, or other criteria to evaluate the property.

Rentals can be very forgiving, and with time, his rents went up, he was able to bring his payments down by refinancing and appealing his property taxes. Today this is one of his property is his best-performing rentals.

On this episode, we talk about what Andy learned from this experience, and how it helped him become a better investor.

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Farris shares how he went from not knowing anything about real estate five years ago, to owning a portfolio of rental properties that nets him $90K a month.

We talk about what types of properties he's buying, and where he is getting the money from.

Farris has an amazing story because he isn't doing anything risky. He has been buying occupied properties that generate cash flow as soon as he closes, and using traditional mortgages with 20% - 25% down payments.

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Mike shares his experience of buying out-of-state properties for cash flow. The properties looked great on his spreadsheet - and they did make money. But, he wasn't making the kind of returns he was looking for.

Mike has made way more buying properties, holding them for a while, and then selling them for a large profit.

We talk about how much Mike has made on his transactions, and why he prefers to sell them vs holding them for the long term.

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Terry shares the details of turning a traditional long-term rental into a corporate rental.

We talk about the best location for a corporate rental, how he finds tenants, and how long they generally stay with him.

Terry also shares how much he spent furnishing his rental, how much vacancy he has, and how much time he spends managing his property.

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Amy shares how she found money for down payments by tapping into equity wherever she could find it, including her cars, home equity, and retirement money.

She also shares the unique strategy that she is using to finance her portfolio without having to come up with a lot of money.

Amy owns a mix of single family and 4 unit buildings. We see which type of property is more profitable.

We also take a look at one of her properties and talk about how she found it and we go over all her numbers.

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Vessi lives in an expensive area, where the laws are not very landlord friendly. This made it difficult to invest in rental properties locally.

On this episode, Vessi shares how she found the area she is investing in, and how she bought her first few properties.

We also look at the numbers for her first deal and see if things have turned out the way she projected.

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Most people would be in a tight spot financially if they suddenly stopped getting their paycheck.

Luckily Walter started buying rentals a few years before he got laid off, and the income from his rental portfolio produced enough monthly income that it covered most of his living expenses.

This gave him some breathing room as he transitioned to a new career.

On this episode, we take a look at Walter's portfolio including the type of properties he's purchased, and how he financed them.

We also take a look at his numbers including his total monthly rent collected, expenses, and his net cash flow.

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Mike's primary residence increased in value and he tapped into that equity to buy his first rental.

On this episode, Mike shares why used a HELOC vs a traditional mortgage. We also talk about the advantages and risks of a HELOC, and how he plans to recycle his equity to buy more rentals.

We also talk about the strategy that Mike used to have his tenants ask for a $200 rent increase.

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Jarrod shares how his uncle purchased rental properties in the 1940's for a few thousand dollars, and how these properties have been passed down to the younger generation.

Today these properties have appreciated by millions of dolllars and provide income for Jarrod and his family.

Jarrod also talks about how he has taken the equity in the properties to buy more properties, how he minimizes his risk of non-payment and property damage by tenants, and the software that he uses to manage his properties and collect rent.

We also talk about how he is getting the younger generation interested in real estate, to ensure that these properties stay in the family for generations to come.

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Marky bought a property thinking he would be able to renovate it in about a month. Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan, and the BRRRR has taken longer to complete.

On this episode Marky shares how he dealt with problems, including problems with the city, contractors, material delays, and going over budget.

Marky shares what he has leaned, how he navigated the issues and what he will do differently next time.

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Greg has been buying rentals on his own, but for his latest deal, he formed a partnership with his sister and her husband to buy a four-unit building.

On this episode, we talk about how they set up the partnership legally, and how much money they each invested. We also talk about their financing and their long-term plan for the investment.

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David shares his strategy of buying occupied properties, and slowly rehabbing them as tenants turnover. When the units are rehabbed, he's usually able to raise the rent by about 50%.

We also talk about the best bedroom/bath setup for a rental, how to find a mentor, and how he bought his first rental property when he was 16.

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Kyle shares how he educated himself about investing in rentals, and took that knowledge and put it to use in building his rental portfolio.

We talk about how many rentals he has, what he's looking for in a property, and how much he targets to make per rental.

We also look at two of his deals: a good one, and one that had a lot of trouble.

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Jesse shares some good and bad experiences he's had owning rental properties. 
We talk about how he got hit with two big repairs back-to-back, and how an emergency savings account helped him survive that financial hit.
We also talk about how Jesse's rentals have become more profitable as time has gone by, and how an experiment converting some of his rentals to Airbnb worked out.
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