Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Will and Veronica share how they have been using the equity that they have created in their rental properties to buy more properties.

They talk about the strategies that they have used to access the equity and how doing this has helped them double the size of their rental portfolio and increased their cash flow.

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John talks about how he built his rental portfolio by buying base hits. Not many of his deals were all that incredible. But, when you look at his entire portfolio it's a home run.

On this episode, we talk about the types of properties he's been buying, how he manages them while working full-time, and his plan to net $10K a month from his rental portfolio.

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Managing properties and working with tenants can be very time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be.

Bill and Kristy share how they have automated most of their property management.

On this episode, they share how they do showing without having to be there, how they use online tools for applications and leases, and how their tenants can submit maintenance requests online directly to contractors.

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Rob owns regular long-term rentals and Airbnbs. On this episode, we talk about the differences between managing both types of rentals and how much money Rob makes from each type of rental.

We talk about how Rob manages his rentals, and we compare the benefits and downsides of each type of rental.

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Rich shares why he thinks it's important to own rentals free and clear.

He talks about how he paid some of his rentals, and how those properties are going to provide cash flow for the rest of his life (and cash flow for the life of his kids too.)

We also talk about if it makes sense to pay off rentals with interest rates being so low today, and Rich shares some calculations on how it may make sense to buy properties today that don't meet the 1% rule.

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Dom shares how he has bought several houses with a credit card.

He shares how he did it, why he doesn't think this is a risky strategy, and some things to look out for if you are interested in doing this too.

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Dom shares how he bought 46 single-family houses that each net him between $450 - $500 a month in cash flow.

We talk about how he self-manages his properties, the unique thing he asks his tenants to do before he will rent to them, and how he avoids evictions and guarantees that he will receive rent each month.

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