Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Husband and wife team KC and Kaysie share the numbers behind netting $15K a month from their rental portfolio. We take a look at their gross rents, total mortgage, and repair expense and figure out how they are getting to $15K.

We also talk about the kind of properties they have in their portfolio, and how they have financed their purchases.

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Jesse shares how he has been building his rental portfolio on a teacher's salary. We talk about how he has eliminated his monthly mortgage expense house hacking (with a family), and how he generates $1,100 a month in rental income with just 2 properties.

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Larry shares everything he does to minimize the chance that he will lose money on a rental property.

We talk about what he is looking for when he is selecting a property to purchase, and everything he does to manage his property, from tenant screening to preparing the property to rent.

We also talk about how he minimizes his expenses and how he trains his tenants to pay on time every month.

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Casey wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but she also needed to earn money to help support her family.

She figured out that if she bought a few rental properties, she could earn enough passive income without needing to get a job.

On this episode, we talk about her portfolio. How she manages her rentals, and how she dealt with some tough situations.

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Carl shares what has worked and not worked in his 40 years of investing in rentals.

We talk about investing out of state, what properties make the best rentals, the most profitable number of beds to have in a rental, his strategy for long-term tenant retention, and buying rentals using an IRA

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