Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Brady shares how he's been building his rental portfolio with none of his own money using the BRRRR strategy.

We talk about how he found an investor to loan him the money to buy and fix up his properties, what kind of work he's been doing on his properties, and how he refinances with a long-term lender to pay off his investor.

We review his numbers on what he's paying for properties, what his mortgage payments are, and how much profit he makes every month on each property.

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Lee is an investor and a property manager and has seen many clients be successful with rentals, as well as clients that haven't done well with their rentals.

On this episode we talk about the most important factor in buying a rental property, the perfect number of bedrooms to have in a rental property, the best types of neighborhoods to invest in.

Lee also shares how to minimize turnover, and how much an investor should, on average, budget for repairs.

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Farris talks about how he built a rental portfolio that produces $15,000 a month in net cash flow, and how he did it in just 2 years.

We talk about the types of properties he's been buying, how he's financing them, and how he's been finding his deals.

Farris also shares his gross cash flow, and what his monthly expenses look like.

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David didn't know what he was doing when he bought his first 6 rentals. Things ended up not working out and his initial properties ended in a combination of foreclosure, short sale, and loan modification.

David knew that he could make things work, if he tried a different strategy. On this episode, we talk about what he's doing differently today and how his new strategy has helped him get to 90 rentals.

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