Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Joel has been buying rental properties for over 45 years, and on this episode, he shares two timeless things he did to build substantial wealth with his rental properties.

Joel also shares insight into how he thinks about money and how he built his portfolio with the smart use of leverage.

Joel also shares how building relationships with other investors has been a very important part of his success.

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David shares how he's been able to substantally grow his cash flow and build wealth by making sure he raises rent every year.

We talk about how much he targets to raise rent, how he notifies tenants about the increase, and how long before the end of the lease he notifies them.

We also talk about why he uses a Realtor to lease his rentals vs leasing himself.

We also look at the numbers for one of his deals and see how much his cash flow has increased over time with yearly rent increases.

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Joe lives in an area that historically has seen great appreciation, but cash flow is very hard to come by.

He decided to invest in good areas that had much cheaper properties, that produced better cash flow.

On this episode, we talk about if Joe sees any risk in investing out of state. We also talk about how Joe figured out where to invest, how he found his properties, and see if he ran into any challenges along the way.

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Ben is a Realtor, Property Manager, and owns rentals in his personal portfolio. On this episode, he shares the types of properties that have worked out best for him and the investors he works with.

We talk about the best type of neighborhoods to buy in, the perfect bed/bath combination, and the types of properties to avoid.

We also talk about why Ben thinks it's important to diversify with different strategies, and why he stopped renting on Airbnb and is now doing medium term rentals.

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