Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Tom shares how he took the money that he had in an old 401(k) retirement account and started buying rentals with that money.

On this episode, we talk about how Tom set everything up, how he got a mortgage in his retirement account, and some of the IRS regulations you need to be aware of.

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Zach lives in an expensive area where a duplex would have cost him $400k or more. On this episode, Zach shares how he bought a duplex for $92K by looking out of state.

We talk about how he found the area he's investing in, how he found the property, and how he manages the property from halfway across the country.

Zach also shares how much he paid for the property, his expenses, and his monthly cash flow.

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Marvin owns a mix of single-family homes, apartments, Airbnb's, and mixed-use buildings. He doesn't have time to self-manage his properties, so he's outsourced the management to property management companies.

On this episode, we look at the numbers for his properties, including what he paid, how much they rent for, what his mortgage payments are, how much he pays his managers, how he budgets for repairs, and how much he profits from each property.

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Ashish from explains the difference between long-term and short-term rentals in the eyes of the IRS.

He shares how you can save money on taxes with either strategy and a big tax benefit to owning both types of rentals.

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Bonus: How To Save Money With Real Estate Professional Status:

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Joe shares how because of his rental income he's able to be selective with freelance work he takes on for his 9 - 5 job. He only takes on projects that he will enjoy doing, instead of taking on whatever he can for the money.

Joe shares his gross rental income, mortgage payment amounts, typical expenses, and his net monthly cash flow.

We also talk about how he got started buying rentals, and why he likes buying both long-term rentals and Airbnb's.

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Michael wanted to buy rentals, but he ran out of down payment money.

He loved the idea of the BRRRR Strategy, but he's busy with his day job and doesn't have time to rehab properties. 

 On this episode, he shares how he's been buying rent-ready properties, with none of his own money.

We also talk about how he's finding properties, how he raised private money, and we talk about some of the risks to his strategy.

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