Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

We talk about the different types of policies landlords need to protect themselves, different coverages landlords should consider adding, and why landlords should require tenants to have renters insurance.

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Forrest started buying rentals in the early 2000's, when Great Recession started he knew that the market was going to change. He quickly adjusted and made a huge change that helped him survive and profit from the recession.

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I talk to 2 different tenants about what it's like to be a renter. The first tenant is in a C- or D class neighborhood, and the second is in a B class neighborhood. We talk about how they found the properties, what the screening is like, and how the manager has dealt with any issues they have had.

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We talk about how to get qualified for a rental, how to get the financing to build a portfolio, and we talk about a case study of an investor that started with no rentals and how they were able to build a large rental portfolio in just 2 years

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My guests today share how they were able to replace their W2 income with rental income. Today Kenji works part-time, and Letizia works full-time because they enjoy their jobs, and they want to work, not because they have to. They also share info about a program that they use that provides them with tenants that pay above market rent.

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We talk about what you need to get a judgement, if you can garnish wages, other ways to collect, and when it may not be worth it.

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