Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Joe shares how he built up enough cash flow from his rental portfolio to retire from his job.

We talk about what kinds of properties he's buying, where he got his down payment money from, and how he financed his portfolio.

Joe also talks about how higher rates is affecting his investing.

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Tyler lives in an expensive area where the numbers didn't make sense to buy rentals.

He wasn't interested in getting involved with extensive rehab projects. He wanted something that was going to be passive.

He ended up investing in out of state in newly rehabbed and new construction properties.

On this episode, we talk about how he picked the areas he ended up investing in, how he did his due diligence, and how the properties have worked out.

Tyler also shares all the numbers for two of his deals.

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Caeli Ridge from Ridge Lending Group shares that a lot of rental property investors get started by harvesting the equity they have in their primary residence.
As they are growing their rental portfolio, a lot of them tap into the equity they have created in their rental properties
On this bonus episode, Caeli shares the pros and cons of the different ways investors are harvesting equity.
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Mike owns a business that generates a lot of profit, and causes him to pay a lot of taxes. He started buying rental properties that generate a paper loss and legally brings his taxable income to $0.

On this episode, Mike shares how this is working for him.

We also talk about how Mike is buying rentals out of state, and look at the numbers for one of his properties.

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Adam shares how he built his rental portfolio with the BRRRR strategy.

We talk about how Adam is buying cheap houses in good neighborhoods, fixing them up, and renting them out.

We also talk about how he's financing his properties, and challanges he's had with contractors.

Adam shares the numbers on one of his deals, including the purchase price, rehab cost, and what the property is rented for, his expenses and his cash flow.

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