Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
Getting laid off two days into a new job, made Steve decide he never wanted to rely on somebody else for a paycheck.  He started buying rental properties.  Today he lives off his rental income.

For Show Notes:

7 Things I wish I knew earlier about renting properties:
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Lisa doesn't like having loans on her rentals.  She knows that she could make more money by using leverage.  But, the risk isn't worth it to her.  She worked hard to get what she has and doesn't want a down market cycle to take it all away.  She also loves all of the positive cash flow the rentals generate every month.

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Managing rental properties doesn't have to be a nightmare.  My guest today has set up systems to make managing his rentals really easy.

Jonathan also has a really inspiring story.  He wasn't happy at his job, so he quit and got into real estate.  He got his real estate license and started selling real estate to generate income, he also quickly started building his rental portfolio.  Today he generates $20,000 in passive rental income.

Finding Deals:
Jonathan found his first deal at a barber shop talking to somebody that was getting his hair cut.  He ended up buying three properties from this investor.

Tool To Manage Tenants
High Rise and Base Camp by 37 Signals

Favorite Real Estate Book:
E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Reach Jonathan

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Carl figured out one day how many rentals he would need to own to leave his job, and live off his rental income.  On this episode he tells us how he did it, and what he has learned.

Keys To Success:

* Leverage relations with others to find deals.
* Having good income and credit history and lenders will want to, "throw you money".
* Don't be afraid to invest outside of your market.  Look at your available capital to determine available markets you can afford to invest in.

Carl's Magic number - Make a minimum of $350 per month per unit (including vacancy, loss, repairs, etc)

Now Is A Good Time To Invest:

* Because People will always need a place to live
* Money can be borrowed cheaply

Favorite Real Estate Book:

Rich Dad's Guide To Investing by Robert Kiyosaki

Contact Carl:

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