Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

On this episode, we look back at the 5 best interviews of 2021.

My guest talk about:

* Building a rental portfolio for generational wealth
* How to build a rental portfolio for retirement income
* How he went from a newbie to $15K in rental income in just 2 years
* The types of properties make the best rental,
* A guest shares how he made some mistakes and ended up losing his rental properties to foreclosure.

Check out the full interviews:

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David talks about how it's really not that difficult to reach financial freedom from rental properties. We talk about how he calculated his freedom number, and how you can back into any income goal with some simple math.

We also talk about how built his rental portfolio with just a few thousand dollars, and how he plans to get his portfolio paid off in way less than 30 years.

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Sean thought about buying rentals for 20 years, but fear of the unknown stopped him from getting started.

On this episode, we talk about how Sean learned more about rental properties and overcame his fear. We talk about how rentals helped him eliminate his monthly housing payment, and how today he is receiving cash flow and appreciation from his rental portfolio.

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There are four main types of LLCs. On this bonus episode, Ashish From explains the differences between them.

We talk about the kind of LLC most investors should use, and the two types of LLC'S that investors should avoid. Using the wrong LLC can cause an investor to pay a lot of extra money in taxes.

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Michael shares his secret to building a profitable rental portfolio.

We talk about how what he is doing with his rentals to get better tenants that pay a higher rent and stay for a long time.

We talk about how he keeps his maintenance costs down by rehabbing his rentals as soon as he buys them.

Michael also shares the numbers and the details on a recent rental purchase

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