Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Larry doesn't have any worries about what happens to the real estate market or the economy because he owns his properties free and clear.

On this episode, we talk about the strategies that he used to pay off his properties. We also talk about the types of properties he buys, and why he decided a smaller portfolio was better than a bigger one.

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Jake shares how he bought a property without seeing the inside from an auction website.

The former owner was still living in the property when Jake closed on it.  We talk about how Jake was able to get him removed from the property, and what he spent to rehab the property.

Jake also shares the numbers from his 10 unit portfolio, including total rent collected, mortgage payments, and how much Jake sets aside for repairs, capex, and vacancy.

We also talk about Jake's strategy of using 15 year mortgages to get the properties paid off faster.

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On the first part of this episode Attorney Nic McGrue details the process landlords need to follow to garnish wages or take money out of a tenants bank account if a tenant doesn't pay rent.

On the second part of the interview, landlord Jan Gaweda shares his experience with garnishing the wages of two former tenants that stopped paying rent. He talks about his experience with the legal process, how things worked out, and how much back rent he collected.

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Nick talks about how his rental income covers his basic living expenses (mortgage payment, utility bills, food, insurance, etc). 

Not having to worry about earning that money every month, has given him and his wife the freedom to start businesses and to pursue their interests.

Nick shares the numbers for his portfolio, including total rental income, mortgage payments, expenses and his profit.

We also look at the numbers for a recent property he purchased.

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Tom shares how he invests in cheap properties (about $10k) in a small town of about 5,000 people.

We talk about how he has found deals off the MLS and from sheriff's sales. How he finds quality tenants and contractors, and how he finances his purchases.

We also talk about how he pays for major expenses, and the pros and cons of investing in a small town.

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