Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Nick shares the shortcuts and efficiencies that he has developed to manage his rental portfolio while working full-time.

We also talk about how he built his rental portfolio without having a ton of money. We talk about how he has been able to buy each of his rentals with a very small down payment, and how much money he is making per door.

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Isaac has had a lot of success as a landlord, but he has made some mistakes along the way. On this episode we talk about some of the things he has done wrong in the past, and what he is doing now.

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It seems like the price of everything, including real estate, has been going up recently. But, is that good or bad for real estate investors? On this episode, we figure that out and speculate on how inflation will affect mortgage rates going forward.

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Tiffany shares how she built two rental portfolios, in two cities with two different strategies.

She owns rentals in Chicago that she bought for cash flow. After building her portfolio in Chicago, she moved to Texas where she had a harder time investing for cash flow, so she started buying single-family home for appreciation,

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David wanted to build a rental portfolio, but he didn't want to take a lot of risk.

On this episode, we talk about how he slowly built a portfolio of 21 rentals that net him 5k a month after all expenses.

We talk about the types of properties he bought, the neighborhoods, and his mortgage and repair expenses.

We also talk about the other ways that his rentals are building wealth for him, and how he will be able to retire off his rental income in a few years.

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