Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

On this episode we look back at some of the best landlord tips and advice from 2019.

We talk about:

How To Easily Self-Manage Rentals

2 Ways To Save For A Down Payment

A Smart Way To Rehab Rentals

How To Find High-Quality Tenants

Why Your Numbers Don't Have To Be 100% Exact

How To Pay Off Mortgages Quickly

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Monie had a ton of debt, got divorced, and lost her job all at the same time. As soon as she got back on her feet, she decided that she was never going to rely on only one source of income again. She decided to buy rentals to have an additional source of income. On this episode, we talk about how she did it.

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Jared is building a diversified rental portfolio. He has some rentals in a growing area where properties are appreciating at a pretty good rate.

He also owns out-of-state properties in an area that isn't appreciating as quickly but they produce great cash flow.

When you put everything together, you get a diversified portfolio that is appreciating and producing monthly cash flow.

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Chris shares his strategy to own 15 properties free and clear. We talk about how he's paying them off, and why he wants to pay them off quickly vs owning them with mortgages.

Chris also shares how he bought his first property with no money, and his second with a small down payment.

We also talk about mistakes he's made with tenant screening, and why he likes regular rentals better than Airbnb.

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Eric has bought multiple rentals in other parts of the country, without seeing them in person. On this episode, we talk about how he researched good areas to invest in, found the best neighborhoods, and found properties to invest in.

We also talk about how he manages the rentals without physically being in the same city.

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