Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Matthew was a guest on the podcast 3 years ago, on episode 280.

At that time, Matthew had been investing in rentals for a year, and had 4 properties.

On this episode, Matthew shares how he has grown his portfolio to 8 rentals that net him $10,000 a month and how he has grown his net worth by over $1 million.

Matthew had a plan to pay off his mortgages on the last episode, we see if that is still his plan today.

We also talk about how Matthew had to shift to buying in another area because real estate prices got too expensive.

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Ryan shares his experience working with what he thought was a good property manager....until he woke up one day and realized his manager ran off with the rent he collected, security deposts, and some other money.

Ryan talks about what he learned from this situation, and the changes he's made to his property management to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

We also talk about why Ryan prefers to work with a property manager vs self managing his rentals. And how his property manager has helped him invest in other markets.

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Mark went bankrupt at 40 and lost everything. He knows that real estate is a great way to build wealth, but he wants to take on a lot of risk.

On this episode we talk about how he's built a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate, regular long-term rentals, and Airbnb's.

We talk about how Mark is saving a ton of money in taxes by renting is commercial real estate to his own business.

Mark also explains how he's using the Profit First system to manage his rental income and expenses.

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A few years ago Blake decided he wanted to build a big rental portfolio, and started aggressively buying rentals. Within a few years, he got to 300 doors.

Once he hit his goal, he found that having so many rentals was way too stressful, and decided to sell off half of his rental portfolio.

On this episode, Blake shares how he sold off half of his portfolio and used the proceeds to pay off the other half.

We talk about how having a smaller paid-off portfolio is so much better and how it's profitable every month no matter what because he has no debt.

Blake did this at a very high level, but this strategy works with even a few rentals.

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 Dan & Mike share why it made more sense for them to partner up to buy this property than to buy it individually.

We talk about how they found the property, how they financed it, and how they dealt with delays in getting the property fixed up.

They also share their experience of not taking a security deposit from their tenants. Instead, they had their tenants buy them an insurance policy from TheGuarantors. The policy protects their rental income from tenant non-payment and property damage.

They also share the numbers for the property.

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