Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

On this episode we feature clips of the some of the best information that was shared on the podcast in 2020.

We talk about:

How thinking long-term helped him build cash-flow with Edwin "Stick" Dissoway (Ep 264)

She only needed 7 rentals to replace her job income with Amanda Young (Ep 273)

How to easily manage your rentals with Ron Faraci (Ep 281)

Building his rental portfolio without debt with John (Ep 263)

How he went from broke to $20,000 a month in net cash flow with John Soforic (Ep 260)

What makes the perfect rental with Pam Brantley (Ep 252)

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Brian joined us on the podcast 2 years ago after he bought his first rental. On this episode, we follow-up with him and hear how he went from that first rental to 8 buildings.

We talk about where he found the money for down payments, and review his income, expenses, and his profit.

We talk about how much money he sets aside for expenses, and how he has automated the management of his rental portfolio.

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Daniel made a plan to replace his job income with rental income within 5 years, and he did it!

On this episode, we talk about he really didn't know what he was doing when he started, but he figured it out and learned as he bought more properties.

We talk about how he funded his rental purchases and how he figured out how much rental income he would need to feel comfortable walking away from his job.

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3 landlords talk about if they think it's a good idea for investors to diversify a rental portfolio.

We take a look to see what they are doing and see if they have rentals in different areas, or if they have other types of diversification in the types of properties they have, the types of industries that their tenants work in, or if there are other ways to diversify.

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Matt shares how he wrote a business plan for his rental portfolio when he started buying rentals. We talk about the assumptions he used, his target cash flow per rental, and how he budgets for repairs and other expenses. We also talk about how the written plan helped him meet and exceed his goals for his cash flow and his rental portfolio.

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