Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

On this episode of the podcast, Edwin describes how he bought properties and used the cash flow that those properties generated to buy more properties. The more properties he bought the bigger his cash flow became, and the more properties he could continue to buy.

We also talk about the hidden way that rentals helped him build wealth, and some of the things he has done to make his rentals more profitable.

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John shares how he built his rental portfolio without any debt. We talk about how he saved the money to buy his rentals with cash.

He also goes over the numbers for one of his recent rentals, and he talks about why he only buys properties in really good neighborhoods.

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Randy and Jana share their unique strategy of leasing single-family houses to a charity that provides housing to special needs kids.

Randy and Jana are not responsible for any child care or any of the activities inside the home.

On this episode, they explain how the program works, the best type of properties to do this with, and what their experience has been like.

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When Jens bought his first couple of rentals he made a few mistakes. He had a lot of trouble with the type of tenants he was attracting, and his repair expenses were a lot higher than he thought they should be.

Pretty quickly, he figured out what he was doing wrong and he made some adjustments to his investing criteria.

On this episode, we figure out what he did wrong, what he learned, and how that experience has made him a better investor today.

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