Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Dakota shares his story of how he bought a property that he house hacked while working for Domino's Pizza as a delivery driver. We talk about how he continued to build his rental portfolio over the next 7 years by using a few different financing techniques.

He started with $419 and today he has millions of dollars in equity in his rental portfolio.

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Natasha shares how she was able to leave her W-2 job and support herself with her rental income.

We take a look at Natasha's portfolio and her numbers. We talk about how she budgets for repairs and vacancies, and how she uses the tax code to legally avoid paying taxes on her rental income.

We also talk about how Natasha gets health insurance, and why she rents herself, instead of owning a home.

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KC & Kaysie talk about selling a rental property that was netting them $1,500 a month, and moving the equity to a new property that now nets them $15,000 a month.

They open up their books and share all the numbers for the old and new property and we figure out how they were able to make this transaction happen.

We also talk about how they found the deal, how they financed it, and how they have been managing the property.

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Heidi bought her first property to live in, but things changed in her life and she ended up renting the property.

On this episode, we talk about how Heidi dealt with lots of problems including tenants that didn't pay rent, property damage, and getting shut down by her city.

Heidi stuck with the property and today the property generates $2,000 a month in profit and has appreciated by over $200,000.

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Alan lives in an expensive area where it's really difficult, if not impossible to find properties that are going to generate cash flow.

On this episode, Alan shares how he found an area where the properties were much cheaper and the numbers worked better.

We talk about how he found his properties, we take a look at his number, and figure out how many rentals he needed to get to $70K.

 We also talk about challenges that he has had along the way.

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